InStill Movement

This is an invitation to do something radical; it is an invitation to a moving meditation with a kinesthetic mantra.

In a culture trained to move continuously at warp speed, this is an invitation to explore the emergence of movement from stillness.

This invitation is worth accepting, because as those who frequent InStill Movement classes will tell you, amazing things happen when using our attention to move in stillness as a meditation.

Listen to Suzanne discuss Instill Movement.

  • Stillness is Presence.

    — Suzanne Armistead

  • It's enabled me to ... deeply connect with that part of my essence that is beyond time.

    — Lara D.

  • It's gently enabled me to shift physical and emotional blocks....

    — Lara D.

  • Deceptively simple,... a deep and profound practice for those who are ready for something advanced.

    — Lara D.

  • ... it's helping me to feel more connected to myself and others in very real authentic deep way.

    — Laurie M.

  • It is like seeing the aurora borealis.

    — Lara D.

  • To me, Instill Movement is truly miraculous.

    — Laurie M.

  • ... a moving meditation that’s a discovery of where and how your body needs to move

    — Brad K.

  • Every time I experience this work, I feel a distinct shift in my state of how I experience the world

    — Laurie Moses

  • Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.

    — Laurie Moses’ experience, quoting Rumi

Writing Love Blog

Slowing Down From Warp Speed

So many of us are so accomustomed to being stuck in our mind and doing work trapped in that space, rushing endlessly around and unaware of just how to stop our body and mind. And so a sitting meditation is out of the question, we can’t immediately go from one end of the spectrum to […]

Community Member Speaks About Benefits of Instill Movement

In this video, one of our community members speaks about movement, meditation, and the benefits of Instill Movement.

A Recorded Talk On InstillMovement

In this discussion recorded at Unity Center in Austin, Texas, Suzanne Armistead guides the listener through a session of InStill Movement. In this 20 minute edited recording from Unity Center in Austin, Texas, Suzanne Armistead discusses the origin of InStill Movement as a process for healing her grief over the death of her son.


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    Event Speaking

    Suzanne is an inspirational speaker available for your events. Contact us to learn how Suzanne can bring the wisdom of stillness to your group or organization.

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    Private Sessions

    Instill Movement Private Sessions are one-on-one or group Stillness Moves You or Stillness And All That Jazz meditation sessions, scheduled to suit your time and location needs, and are conducted in-person, via telephone or via Skype (or alternate web video-conference). Private sessions address your specific needs through the medium of movement and are tailored to […]

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    Moving Love

    Moving Love was originally performed by Suzanne and David Armistead, and artists from the Austin community at One World Theater in Austin, Texas as a means to initiate healing after their son Justin Davis Armistead’s passing. It was the artful expression of the story of infinite love, lived by Suzanne and David for Davis and […]

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    Stillness Moves You

    Stillness Moves You is about stillness, movement and meditation.It is a 60-minute moving meditation that resolves fatigue, depression, the inability to slow down or stop, in short, the anxiety that fills modern daily life. We provide yoga mats and blanket, music and guided instruction. We may come to our classes with emotional, physical, and mental stresses […]

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    Stillness & All That Jazz

    Locating vibrant, ecstatic movement and sensual vitality. Stillness and All That Jazz workshops use the practice of stillness and movement meditation as a source for creative improvisational movement and dance, using the disciplines of The Five Rythms and jazz dance. Workshops are set to World Rhythm, Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Dub, and Funk music to […]